Cedar Park Texas Precinct 287, Williamson County
                   Cedar Park, Texas 
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 Storm Water Drainage Fee? NO 

Fees are hidden taxes that can be increased at the whim of the council and below the radar. $3 this year is $12 next year. 

 Destination Bell Boulevard? Leary & Watching 

When ever you hear Public/Private venture, you can bet your wallet is involved.

 Lime Creek Quarry Future?  Providing Input

Do you realize that in our region, we have ZERO family oriented venues? We are considering recommending the area be converted into a theme park. What are your thoughts? EMAIL US 

 MANDATE Electronic Vote Machine Printed Vote? YES 
Physical recounts are not possible as there are no copies, only numbers in a computer.  Propose that all IVOTE machines be equipped with printers that print each voters selections. Voter verifies the votes, then slip the tape into a secured Registrars sealed box. My Submitted RESOLUTION
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