Cedar Park Texas Precinct 287, Williamson County
                   Cedar Park, Texas 
-Keeping Central Texas Sane, Not Weird-


          The City of Cedar Park has hired marketing consultants.


               The consultants where directed to investigate proposing a new city “FEE” (min $2.89, max  $11.16) per household at or below 3345 sq ft., monthly.


                        This fee will be added to your city utility bill as a monthly charge. ($34.69 min, $133.92 annual total fee

                        On the website for the Storm Water Drainage Solution http://cpstormwater.businesscatalyst.com/  there is a survey

 We encourage you to look this website over, and cast your vote for “NONE”.


           If we select a package, we leave ourselves open to a “FEE” that will NEVER go away and that fee will likely increase over time.

           SOLUTION? Roll back the ad valor em tax rate to the 2012 rates ( approx +$35  ) to cover the needed infrastructure improvement and maintenance cost.


           Is it political suicide to increase the tax rate? I think not. What is suicidal is adding a FEE a.k.a. “TAX”   that will continually increase over time.


           Storm Water Fee… Impervious Cover Fee… What ever they want to call it, it will be a added TAX that will simply rise over time.

 NO STORM WATER RUNOFF Fee! a.k.a. hidden "TAX"

 Open House “PITCH” is  1 June 2016 Cedar Park Parks & Recreation Center 6-9pm.

A second open house will be conducted on 29 June 2016. Same time & place.

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please make the Subject block  “Hidden TAX” 
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The Following Videos are Clips from Recent Presentations at Council

The bureaucratic sales pitch to the council

Citizens Comments after the sales pitch

Stay up to date by emailing 
please make the Subject block  “Hidden TAX” 
Or CLICK HERE to submit your input.